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OpenRTM-aist official website is the official website of OpenRTM-aist, an open source robotic technology middleware which is developed and distributed by Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.


OpenRTM-aist Version 1.1.2 has been released

The latest release version is OpenRTM-aist-1.1.2-RELEASE. Source and binary packages for Linux and Windows are available from here. Current versions for each language are:

  • C++: 1.1.2-RELEASE
  • Python: 1.1.2-RELEASE
  • Java: 1.1.2-RELEASE
  • tools: 1.1.2

The Windows installer package available from the link to the right includes all of the libraries, dependencies and tools required to try the example components. Please see "Let's start OpenRTM-aist in ten minutes" after it downloads it. Have fun!


Sep, 2015

RTShell 4 release

Version 4 of the command line tools package "RTShell" has been released. This release includes many new features and bug fixes, and includes a new, easier method of installation. Using Python's pip command, it is possible to install RTShell and its packaged dependencies, RTCTree and RTSProfile, automatically.

RTCTree 4 and RTSProfile 4 have also been released.


Feb, 2013

OpenRTP (former RTCBuilder,RTSystemEditor) 1.1.0-RC4 has been released


OpenRTP (former RTCBuilder,RTSystemEditor) 1.1.0-RC4 has been released. Available from here.

Tools including RTCBUilder and RTSystemEditor are now called OpenRTP (Open RT Platform). RTCBuilder and RTSystemEditor had been based on Eclipse-3.4.x. From this version RC4, these tools are based on Eclipse-3.8 and all-in-one packages are available here. Eclipse-3.7, Eclipse-4.2 based all-in-one packages are also provided experimentally.


Dec, 2012

DAQ-Middleware has been awarded Technology Award from JSNS (The Japanese Society for Neutron Science)


The group of Mr. Yoshiji YASU, Mr. Kazuo NAKAYOSHI and Mr. Koji SENDAI that is developing DAQ-Middleware in the KEK (HIGH ENERGY ACCELERATOR RESEARCH ORGANIZATION) has been awarded Technology Award from JSNS (The Japanese Society for Neutron Science). The awards ceremony was held at the 12th Annual Meeting of Japan Society of neutrons, which was held on December 10th to 11th.

DAQ-Middleware, which is mainly developed in KEK, is a data acquisition middleware for high-energy physics and its related fields. This middleware that is implemented various data acquisition application specific functions on the OpenRTM-aist can realize flexible measurement systems.


Dec, 2012

Robotics Information Day at the OMG technical meeting


A Robotics Information Day was held on the 11th of December, 2012, at the OMG Technical Meeting in Burlingame, CA, USA.

A range of presentations about standardization results (RTC, RLS, RoIS, DDC4RTC) achieved by the OMG's Robotics DTF (Domain Task-force) were given. Presentations were also made about applications of and related activities to these standards, including future plans.

An Information Day is an OMG event to introduce task force activities to members of other task forces and guests. Although each task force usually holds separate meetings during the OMG technical meetings, introducing the standardisation activities and road map of a task force to members of other task forces encourages new participatation.

Change Vision, Inc., Honda R&D and JASA joined the Robotics DTF as new members. Presentations were given by these new members, as well as existing members ATR, AIST, NEDO Intelligent Software Project, and Toshiba (from Japan), and Future Robot, Sejong University, and ETRI from Korea.

A summary of these presentations and presentation materials is given below.


Nov, 2012

OMG Robotics Information Day (11 December, 2012)


The OMG Robotics Domain Task Force will hold, as a special event, a Robotics Information Day: at the next OMG meeting in December. The meeting will be held in Burlingame, California, USA. An Information Day is an opportunity for an OMG task force to introduce its activities. During a normal OMG meeting, the task force members hold internal meetings and work on standardisation. On an Information Day, the task force presents its standardisation activities, road maps, etc. to members of other task forces, and seeks new participants for the task force from interested people and organisations.

From Japan, ChangeVision, Honda R&D and JASA will be presenting as new members, and existing members ATR, AIST and NEDO will present. From Korea, Future Robot, Sejong University and ETRI, amongst others, will give presentations.


Jun, 2012

DDC4RTC specification adopted by OMG and FTF started


In the last OMG technical meeting held in Cambridge MA USA from June 18th to 22nd, DDC4RTC (Dynamic Deployment and Configuration for Robotic Technology Component) specification was adopted. In response to this, a charter for organizing FTF (Finalization Task-Force) was charted and approved. FTF will make the adopted DDC4RTC specification completed over one year, and it will officially be published from OMG. It is planned that AIST (National Institute of Industrial Science and Technology) Japan and ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) Korea that are submitter of the DDC4RTC specification implement according to the adopted specification.